Martin Muntenbruch


Dark Crossing

Dark Crossing, in Spanish Cruce Oscuro, is a new film by Swiss production company pieckproductions. Martin created the pictures for the movie poster, stark portraits of the main characters and a series of magic landscape images.

Much of the story plays inside a dark and wet tunnel. Shooting in this fierce and cramped environment was a big challenge. Losing parts of the equipment in the mud was just part of the adventure.

Movie poster, Cruce Oscuro

Martin’s favorite location was a ranch in Antelope Valley near Palmdale. The lonely landscape evokes the spirit of a vast and desolate no-man’s-land. Martin converted the dramatic scenery to a matching poetic color scheme that he used on the new pieckproductions website.

Compositions of the final work can be seen on the DVD cover, on posters at movie theaters and in a billboard advertising campaign covering the greater Los Angeles area.

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